Conference (March 2022)

Film-Poetry, Hybridity and Cultural Resilience in the Scottish Highlands & Islands and Western Brittany” (24-25th March 2022, An Lanntair, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis)

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Organised by the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) and the University of Western Brittany (UBO/HCTI). Organisers: Lindsay Blair (UHI) & Camille Manfredi (UBO/HCTI).


Thursday 24 March

9am: Welcome coffee + opening speeches

9.30: Panel One

  • 9.30: Camilla Peters (Falmouth University): “Margaret Tait: Film and Identity”
  • 9.50: Ray Burnett & Kathryn Burnett (Scottish Centre for Island Studies): “Play Me Something (1989): poetic storytelling and the context of cultural resilience”
  • 10.10: Sif Nielsen “Indifferent the Wind”
  • 10.30: Discussion

Coffee break

11.15: Keynote speech by Alan Riach (University of Glasgow): “In praise of peripheral vision: speed, image, narrative sequence and momentary perception in poetry and film”

Lunch break

2.00: Panel Two

  • 2.00: Catherine Conan (University of Western Brittany): “Contemporary Breton poetry as agoraphobia? The case of Mikael Baudu’s documentary film on Bernez Tangi”
  • 2.20: Monika Szuba (University of Gdańsk): “‘the lightest membrane between you and the landscape’: Thomas A Clark’s Practice and Film-Poetry”
  • 2.40: Chris Tait: “Innovative ways to draw upon the depths of oral culture within these endangered language communities : a creative response”
  • 3.00: Discussion

Coffee break

3.40: Panel Three

  • 3.40: Anne Hellegouarc’h-Bryce (University of Western Brittany): “Sentinels of the shore – Bridging the gulf between art and science”
  • 4.00: Gabby Biazotti & Sue Barclay: “Call To Ritual”
  • 4.20: Mandy Haggith:”The Liminal Zone”
  • 4.40: Discussion

5.00: Commissioned film-poem by Marcas Mac an Tuairneir & Alex Nichol

7.30: Conference Dinner

Friday 25 March

9.30: Keynote speech by Alastair Cook

Coffee break

10.45: Panel Four

  • 10.45: Nelly Blanchard (University of Western Brittany): “Yann Madec and Pierre Stéphan’s Diafonik: across matter, contexts and time”
  • 11.05: Frances Wilkins (Elphinstone Institute, University of Aberdeen): “Propriety and Adaptation in Contemporary Performances of Scottish Gaelic Psalmody”
  • 11.25: Norman Shaw: “Eternal Surging – Sonorous Gaelic Visions”
  • 11.45: Discussion

Lunch break

1.30: Commissioned film-poem by Zoe Macinnes

2.00: Panel Five

  • 2.00: Marion Amblard (University Grenoble Alpes) & Sabrina Juillet Garzon (University Sorbonne Paris Nord): “The French travellers’ contribution to the process of cultural resilience of the Scottish Highlands and Islands in the 18th and 19th centuries”
  • 2.20: Philippe Laplace (University of Franche-Comté): “St Kilda and hybridity in French creative & imaginative works”
  • 2.40: Jean Newman: “Maritory entanglements”
  • 3.00: Discussion

3.30: Audrey West: concluding remarks

Camille Manfredi & Lindsay Blair: round table and closing of the conference.